1. What is the last “good” thing you ate?
– A half veggie sandwich with a fruit bowl side for dinner last night.

2. Who last called you on the phone?
– My Mom

3. My current favorite website is __________.
– STEM Church: stemla.org & My portfolio: stemla.org/tinted (I’m biased! What can I say)

4. What is your favorite Starbucks drink?
– Javachip Light Frappuccino. I only drink it once in a while by choice, because it is high in sugars and calories! Had it yesterday and it was a treat. Haven’t had it in a while and it was soooo good.

5. What was your last major purchase?
– Laptop Power cable

6. What are you thinking about right now?
– That I need to always put God first. Also love the verse above!

7. What inspires you?
– Jesus loving people, creative people, working, design, fashion and taking notes.

8. The last thing you screenshot on your phone says __________.
– Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss.

9. Are you morning or night person?
– Neither. Am both! I can be an early person or stay up late kinda gal.

10. Coffee or Tea?
– Right now, coffee. I have my days where tea would be the choice.

Okay, that’s it! Hope you are having an amazing and wonderful day. God bless us! xoxo

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