Giveaway + About Me Update

Hi! I just want to announce some stuff here on my blog!

I am currently doing a GIVEAWAY – This artwork, acrylic painting on canvas which says: Kindness, Sparkle, Love. It is just in time for Valentine’s Day. Here are the rules:

1) Follow me on social media! Facebook @tintedportfolio / Instagram @tinteddesign / Twitter @tinteddesign
2) Share/Repost this giveaway on your social media accounts!
3) Let me know something about yourself and why do you want this giveaway!

It’s that simple and easy to enter. It ends on February 14, 2018 PST.

Also, I just updated my ‘About Me‘ section here on my blog. If you haven’t been to that page or would like to read more about me, then go ahead and see my update!

That’s it. Hope we all have a great rest of the week! God bless. xx

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