Slip-On Mules/Loafers + IKEA Runs!

Can I just say, I’m obsessed with these shoes! I need another pair in Black. Anything slip-on mules/loafers, I’m into right now. It’s classic and comfortable. Love them!

Lately, I have been going to IKEA. Tonight, went there again with the family. Anyway, I have the urge to start painting again. I have not done so in a while. I’m going to just ramble, but my little nephew loves church! He is excited and can’t wait to go back. What a cutie pie!

Alright, hope you have a good weekend! Lord bless us all, xoxo.


A message of hope.

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The message today at church was really touching and a reminder. It gives us an insight that when things may not be going well, whatever it is, there’s always hope in our Lord Jesus. This is something that we sometimes forget. Let us be reminded that He has overcome everything! Keep on hoping and hoping and never let go of our hope in Jesus!

1. Fix our mind on the truth about God.
2. Lighten the load.
3. Keep the main thing the main thing.
4. Get your hopes up.

Thankful for God’s Word. I pray that you are doing well and HOPE this summer is one of the best yet!



2016 // Thoughts.


(Found the image above and thought it’s cute and relevant to this post.)

The new year was not a good start for me. I guess if you already have it in your mindset that the year will not be good, that’s what happens. Thankfully, I was on Pinterest one day and found a ’30 Day Affirmation Challenge’. You can check it out if you want to. I thought of giving it a try. So far, so good! Also, the preaching/sermon at church also helps. It is inspiring and encouraging to get a sense of direction on what I need to focus on most and foremost.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen yet, I made a new artwork that I added to my Etsy shop. I think it’s my favorite one by far. Here is what it looks like:



You can find more of my artworks and also request for a custom order at:

If you have any questions, suggestions or anything… feel free to contact me on my contact page. Have a wonderful week ahead my loves! God bless.


My Bucket List!


I thought I would share some of my bucket list for fun:

+ Dance in front of an audience ✓
+ Sing at church ✓
+ Attend fashion shows ✓
+ Volunteer for a good cause ✓
+ Go to Hawaii
+ Take a calligraphy workshop
+ Make art and sell them ✓
+ Visit/Travel to other countries, besides PI
+ Start a blog and encourage through this platform ✓
+ Watch a musical play ✓
+ Live in a loft
+ Visit the Grand Canyon ✓
+ Take ballet classes ✓
+ Go camping ✓
+ Go on a hike ✓
+ Visit a waterfall ✓
+ Fruit picking ✓
+ Bake something
+ Visit art museums ✓
+ Paint on canvas ✓
+ Go watch a professional sports game ✓
+ Build sand castles ✓
+ Play charades ✓
+ Go bowling ✓
+ Sing karaoke ✓
+ Play pool with friends ✓
+ Go to a Farmer’s Market
+ Watch a horse race ✓
+ Visit the Antelope Canyon
+ Ride on an aerial tram for snow ✓
+ Go to Christian concerts ✓
+ Lead the Youth at church ✓
+ Go to an art school ✓
+ Make a hot chocolate bar ✓

Will be updating this whenever I remember to add more!
Thank you so much for reading this post. God bless!


GLAUDI LAFW + My current wish list!


It seems like it’s been a while since I have updated my blog. Last week or two weeks ago, I was invited by my client Johana to her private fashion show for LA Fashion week held at a rooftop in downtown LA. The view was breathtaking gorgeous! Johana Hernandez is the designer of GLAUDI. She is a talented designer. The dresses that she designed are fab and it is designed for a strong woman she calls a Glaudi woman! For more info, go to her website at:

Today, I went to Barnes & Noble. I had an agenda to find some inspiration books and magazines for design. I found these great books called The Web designer’s Idea Book by Patrick McNeil. I WANT! I am so pumped and inspired to create and design more and get creative! It’s time again to focus.

Thankful for God’s messages at church. He is constantly there with us and for us, re-writing our story. There are so much I want to accomplish, share and create in God’s perfect timing. Still in pursuit of my dreams daily. I just want to keep creating beautiful things!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely week!!!


Happy Easter!


I just want to greet you all a Happy Easter! Jesus is alive! There is hope for all of us and a new chapter that can be achieved, if we are willing to open up our hearts and ourselves to God. He loves us!

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These were notebooks handed out after church service as souvenirs and something you can write on, perhaps be a tiny reminder or journal that goes with the theme for today’s sermon. God can do anything and He can write yours and mine a new story. Be blessed in knowing that! Praise Him!

Hope you have a special and wonderful Easter!!!


Hello March!


Today this morning at church, the pastor preached on:

How to find strength in the battle:

1. Focus on God’s promises
2. Encourage yourself
3. Act on great opportunities around you

I really want to serve at my local church that I attend to now. I’m thinking that I should perhaps join the Communications team. We will see about that. Please pray for me, especially in that area.

Thank you so much for visiting and reading! God bless.


Hello Monday


Hello lovelies! It’s Monday as my title says. I had a great weekend. On Friday, I met up with a client to work on her logos for her brand. It turned out well. I cannot wait to finish up to see the final results of the artworks. I also took some photos while in downtown and I love seeing architecture.





On Saturday, I had lunch with my Mom and aunt at Panini Cafe. I ordered their Tofu Shish Kabob. On Sunday, I went to church and was encouraged with the preacher’s sermon. He said that we face giants, but God gives us the victory. The context was taken from 1 Samuel 17:2-7, 16 & 22-24.

Six But God Killing Strategies:
1) Face your giant
2) Overcome discouragement
3) You must be faithful in little things
4) Remember how God has helped you in the past
5) Remember God is bigger than your giant
6) Realize blessings follow defeating giants

Hope you have a great and lovely week!!! God bless.


Pop Art Inspired Vector Self Portrait + Voice Memo Singing!

Hi lovelies! Last night while listening to Christmas songs, I made a pop art inspired vector self portrait. No, it is not done through an app. I want to create more of these actually. I want to show you the original photo and the outcome:

– ( BEFORE ) –


I used Photoshop to make the photo black and white and adjusted the levels to make the photo more precise. After that, I used Illustrator to do the process of making it a vector art. Voila!

– ( AFTER ) –


Right now, I just made another one of my cousin, Ate Janie. I think I will start making a series of these. I love pop art for sure and it’s great to see the transition from before and after:

– ( BEFORE ) –


Here is my cousin’s pop art inspired vector self portrait final result:

– ( AFTER ) –


If you want me to make you one, let me know down the comments! I’ll be gladly to make you one. Also, I just recorded myself singing “Set A Fire”, it is a snippet of me singing 🙂

Click on link to listen :: “Set A Fire” – Snippet of me singing

Hope you enjoyed hearing me sing. Have a blessed and fantastic weekend!!!


The Collide + Tokyo Table

Last night, I went to The Collide in Irvine with my friend Diana. Below are some photos taken at the gathering. Worship was led by Will Reagan and United Pursuit Band:


Seeing and hearing them leading the worship live was great. Guest speaker was Jack Hayford. The final destination for that night was Tokyo Table. We ordered a Dynamite appetizer (that was yum!) and got some sushi. Shown below is the ‘OMG Roll’:


Good dinner (our waiter was nice, too). Anyhow, I just wanted to share and post these photos in the blog. Hope you are having a fantastic weekend! God bless. xoxo

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