What have I been up to recently on my spare time? I have opened a shop through Instagram & linked to my Facebook, which is basically my closet for sale! If you want to check it out, click here. I sell clothing and pre-loved handbags and accessories. I just need to get rid some of my things and I have been wanting to do this for so long. Finally it is here! It’s private currently and only available to family and friends.

I picked up a few items lately from Nordstrom, Macy*s and Target:

Happy Memorial Day! By the way, if you did not know… I’m cutting my sugar. It’s such a bummer. For instance today, I went to 85C Bakery Cafe and I could not have any drinks. I miss having milk teas and bobas! Anyway, hope you have a great week! God bless us all.


Spring Outfit Favorites!

Hello! I’m sharing with you some of my Spring outfit favorites! In no particular order, they are my: Michael Kors Activity Tracker, Striped Off Shoulder Top, White Off Shoulder Top, Distressed Jeans, Black Floppy Hat, Silver Mirror Sunglass, etc.

Okay, let’s change topics. So I know I mentioned that I want to take a calligraphy workshop. It’s coming up and I think it’ll be better if I have company. It will be much more fun that way! Let me know if you want to take the calligraphy workshop with me! I’m serious.

Alright, I’m off to watch Survivor since it’s Thursday! Also, let me know what you like about Spring! What are your favorites this season, favorite outfits, things to do, etc. Oh, and it’s already May! I’m very excited this month. Praying that everything goes well.

Thanks for reading! God bless. xx


10 Things I Would Tell My 16 Year-Old Self

Hi there! I am back to blogging today. I’m actually feeling really sleepy. So I figured why not blog to keep myself awake. Here’s a list of 10 things I would tell my 16 year-old self, if I could. So here it is:

1. Seize the day! Take every opportunity, not just with things that occupy your mind at the moment, but pertaining to your future as well.

2. Be yourself. It’s good to admire and to look up to other people, especially if they are older than you. But remember, you can make a choice to stand out and decide to be your own self.

3. Put God first! As a 16 year old, you have your future ahead of you. Make sure you put Him first and your plans will succeed.

4. Seek first the Kingdom of God. I believe this is important because it affects your life choices and the people you surround yourself with.

5. Follow and obey God. This is like a no-brainer. But when you realize that you’re a Christian, it’s your priority and you will make sure you do so in all areas and aspects of your life.

6. Listen to your parents. They know what is right and what is best for you. I’m blessed with godly parents, and they are an example to me.

7. Time is precious. Time flies! Whatever your goals are, the time is NOW! Don’t wait until you’re ready.

8. Not everyone will like you. Even if you think you’re a likable person, you don’t have to get other people’s approval.

9. Don’t give in to peer pressures. Whatever is going on around you, the latest trend or fashion. Be modest and be an example!

10. Learn to LET GO! It doesn’t apply to me when I was 16 years old, but it would be helpful if I learned how to do so later in life.

Thanks so much for reading this blog post! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo


New layout + Pep Talk + Artworks

Thinking of writing on my blog again regularly. I was cleaning my favorites folder and it inspired me to change my blog into a Fall theme/layout! I love it. It looks better viewed on desktop than mobile though. So please try to view it on desktop if you can! I’m actually stuck in a rut on what to write, but I had one of the best conversations today. I decided to call a friend, and I’m glad I did. Anyway…

This week, I painted an artwork and it’s up on my Etsy shop! Just in time for Thanksgiving. “Give Thanks” Painting Acrylic on Canvas. Hope to do more since I stocked up on canvases! Let me know if you want a custom order.


So for the Month of November and December, I am offering logo design at discount! Offer ends on December 31st!

Visit my shop at

I’m excited about the holidays! It’s the best time of the year. What’s your favorite season/holiday? Let me know. Expect more blog posts, because I will try to write content as much as I can. Thanks for reading! God bless, xoxo!


My Birthday + Fall Season + Etc!

Thank you very much to friends and family who took their time to greet me a Happy Birthday!!! It means a lot to me. I really appreciate the people that made my birthday, birthday week and birthday month special! Of course, I am most thankful to God for blessing me with another year.


My pretty birthday cake. Thank you Ate Janie! (cousin)


Even the box was pretty…


Birthday Shenanigans. Thank you once again.


Had dim sum for my birthday weekend with the family


With my sweet, sweet nephew Jaylen!


He’s such a model at 2 and a half years old!

I’m quite ready for Fall. I love summer, but I love being bundled up and wearing boots. Lol! I really wanted grey ones, as you can see on this picture. But they’re all sold out! So I got the black ones last night. Upon arriving home, I decided to try them on again. I realized the tassels are different from the back! It turns out, I got a different pair on the left and right. Haha. Ummm, I will have to go back to the store and exchange for the right pair. I hope they have it because it is the last pair. I’m really into these over the knee boots this season. Even though I know they were already on trend since last Fall. **UPDATE** I was able to go and return the boots and guess what! They carry the grey ones in my size! YAY! I’m a happy camper. Hehe.

Sorry this post is all jumbled, but I also want to announce that I have a private group for health/fitness on Facebook! If you would like to join, let me know. Anyway, I’m also excited next month! God-willing, I might be attending a calligraphy workshop, which is one of the things on my bucket list! Soooooo excited. Last night, I was going to attend a blogging workshop, but I missed it. Speaking of blogging, if you or anyone you know is interested in blogging, having a website, or any graphic design needs, please feel free to contact me and I will be glad to help assist! Thank you.

Hope you’re having a fantastic Friday and have a blessed weekend! xoxo


My Bucket List!


I thought I would share some of my bucket list for fun:

+ Dance in front of an audience ✓
+ Sing at church ✓
+ Attend fashion shows ✓
+ Volunteer for a good cause ✓
+ Go to Hawaii
+ Take a calligraphy workshop
+ Make art and sell them ✓
+ Visit/Travel to other countries, besides PI
+ Start a blog and encourage through this platform ✓
+ Watch a musical play ✓
+ Live in a loft
+ Visit the Grand Canyon ✓
+ Take ballet classes ✓
+ Go camping ✓
+ Go on a hike ✓
+ Visit a waterfall ✓
+ Fruit picking ✓
+ Bake something
+ Visit art museums ✓
+ Paint on canvas ✓
+ Go watch a professional sports game ✓
+ Build sand castles ✓
+ Play charades ✓
+ Go bowling ✓
+ Sing karaoke ✓
+ Play pool with friends ✓
+ Go to a Farmer’s Market
+ Watch a horse race ✓
+ Visit the Antelope Canyon
+ Ride on an aerial tram for snow ✓
+ Go to Christian concerts ✓
+ Lead the Youth at church ✓
+ Go to an art school ✓
+ Make a hot chocolate bar ✓

Will be updating this whenever I remember to add more!
Thank you so much for reading this post. God bless!


FIDM Debut Runway Show 2015


Hi loves! This is such a late post, but I decided I should blog about it. So I went again this year to FIDM Debut Runway Show. I went with my friend Aline. I am glad her and I went because it was nice catching up! This is my second time attending this event. By the way, I have known Aline since high school. The show lasted for about two hours, as there were many young aspiring designers who presented.


These shows are spectacular to watch live in person. It is inspiring to see the dedication and talent out there in the fashion industry. Here is a fact: I wanted to become a fashion designer growing up. I made sketches back in 7th grade. But in reality, I am not the type of person who enjoys sewing and measuring! So when graphic design became my hobby in high school, that transitioned quickly to becoming the career I wanted to invest in instead. I admire the passion that fashion designers and other types of designers have.

After the show, with our high heels on (the heels which looked good, but were not pleasant experience for the both of us — what’s happening? I used to wear heels ALL THE TIME!) we decided to go to Urth Caffé in Downtown. What a night though! Thank you Aline for coming with me and I look forward to that Takoyaki spot that we need to find. Until next time.


Lately and food trips!

I got art canvases today. I will be re-opening my etsy shop as soon I finish some artworks. Art makes me happy. Seeing art or creating art is something that I really enjoy! Stay tuned for that.

I also got this candle called Beach Cabana today from Bath & Body Works. It smells fresh and clean!


And here’s an FYI… I love active gear. It helps me motivate to workout. Why not look cute too when working out, right? I go to a women’s fitness gym and it’s just natural that I can sport whatever makes me feel good while I am working out. I got tops from Hollister and a capri fitness pants by Marika.



On Friday, my cousins and I went for a food trip (which we love to do). We had some desserts, Korean BBQ and more desserts! Always a fun time bonding with my cousins.


Then Saturday, I had lunch with my friend since she was around the area. We tried this Peruvian restaurant. It was so good! I had their calamari appetizer since I already had All-You-Can-Eat meat just the night before, I didn’t want anything heavy for lunch.


Thanks so much for reading this post. Have a lovely day/evening & God bless!


Happy 2015!


Happy New Year! This is my first blog post this year of 2015. I am not looking back, but one thing I realized was that last year was actually an eventful year. Though it did not feel like it. I was browsing through old photos I have and it made me realize this. It wasn’t always easy last year, and that is why I overlooked the good things. Anyway, I am welcoming the new year now with much appreciation.


This new year, I spent it with my friend Diana. We had an amazing time waiting to ring the new year. We went to Downtown Long Beach where we had reservations and had a spectacular view of the fireworks display at the restaurant. So blessed to have a friend like her through these years!

Lastly, I am trying my best to become more of the person that God wants me to be. Despite how much I miss so many things, and I know it is a new ground for me.


Thank you so much for reading. God bless!


It’s been a while…

The holiday seasons are here! Indeed, it is the busiest time of the year. It is also a time to reflect on how the year went by and to be thankful for all that has been going on or what we may have experienced and was able to conquer this year. I am writing this blog post again since I got a chance to work with a friend yesterday to set-up her blog. So it got me in the mood to go back to this blog. God is so good. Though I have been through some struggles, there is healing always ahead.

Spent the past days lately with my friend, Diana (Happiest birthday to you again!) Here are some photos we took:




And here’s a little treat for myself 🙂


I am blessed to have my family and if you didn’t know, my Dad is currently miles away. I recently had a conversation with my Dad and that made me happy. Also, I have some new work to add on my portfolio, which I am excited about. I realize this post isn’t much. I just wanted to get a hang on blogging again. Hope all is well with you this season. God bless and have a wonderful day!

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