Feeling loved and blessed!

Blessed Thursday! Woke up today feeling like a champ! LOL. Thank You Jesus, I’m so grateful. My family is the best! They’re with me through my ups and downs… and I’m so thankful to wake up with a mindset I have today. I give God all the glory! What have I been up to? I missed out on Adobe Max this year. I was able to attend a design summit though just a few weeks ago. GOD IS SO GOOD. I can’t thank Him enough and express my gratitude for pulling me through because I’ve been so emotional a lot of times. It’s like waking up with a brand new strength and vigor for life! Even right now, as I listen to Spotify as I blog, I feel so great knowing even the music to my ears are making me happy. When God gives you His grace, it’s such a beautiful thing.

Thank You Lord for a brand new day, the strength and the love I feel in my heart. You are so faithful. You never leave me. I love You Lord, even if keep failing You… You remain to be so gracious. I’m so thankful for choosing me and I’m Your child. Let nothing disturb my peace and help me as I go through my endeavors daily! Help me to love others as You have loved me. In Jesus’ Mighty Name I pray. Amen.

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