Love this reflection + Music Playlist!

It’s February and happy Friday! Couple of days have passed and I have been reflecting. God remains good and faithful. I love this thought from my devotional. I’m not a writer, but I try to blog. My blog is more of my creative outlet. It showcases my life experiences, work, happenings, thoughts, inspirations, etc. So I’m not even going to write or try to explain what this means. It can mean one way to me, but it can be another to someone else. Just wanted to share it so here is a pic of it. Hope this blesses you as it uplifted my day.

My agenda/planner has been great. I love being organized this way. Keeps me on track and I can try to schedule and make plans. Let me get off topic. What are your favorite tracks to listen to while working?

Mine are the following:

  • For All Seasons – Higher
  • Lecrae – Blessings
  • Doxamillion – You + Coffee
  • Zauntee – God Taught Me
  • Social Club Misfits – Dive

    …and a few more songs! (Praise & Worship)

    Thank you for reading this post! These filters though! Alright, have a great weekend! xoxo

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