Fruit Cone Cups Recipe

Hi lovelies! So, I decided to make a recipe for this blog post. It’s really simple. I originally planned on baking perhaps some cupcakes. But this will do for now. It’s something EVERYONE can do. I think this is great! My nephew loves eating ice cream cones (Yes, just the cones! He doesn’t put ice cream). I thought this might be a good alternative for him and it’s healthy too.


ice cream cones
mixed berries
sugar free chocolate syrup


Place cones on level dry surface. I placed it on a parchment paper like.
Put in mixed berries inside the cones.
Drizzle chocolate syrup or whatever syrup flavor you would like. Voila!

It’s SO easy.

It really does taste good, a great dessert or snack. I chose sugar free for the chocolate syrup because well, less sugar the better.

Happy Monday! Hope you have a great rest of the week! Blessings! xx

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