Tuesday Thoughts + Ask Me Something!

Happy Tuesday! Came across the image above and I liked it. So, I figured for today’s blog post, I will do a short Q&A. Here it goes:


1. Are you on a laptop, tablet or phone: Laptop

2. Play any instruments: I don’t

3. Current mood: Chill

4. Ever volunteered? Yes

5. Social Media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

6. Cake or cookie? Cake!

7. Dark or White Chocolate: Dark Chocolate

8. Tea or coffee: Coffee

9. What are you having for lunch? Thai food

10. Latest craving: It’s been so hot here that I craved for Mountain Dew. Craving satisfied! Haha.

I know this was a short and simple blog post. But I pray that you are blessed today! Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! xx

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