Thankful Friday + Guest Blog Post!

Happy Friday! Hope you had a great 4th of July! God has been so good. So for the last two days, I have been going to Whole Foods Market for their salads. I’m eating a salad! *gasp* I know. I’m trying to eat healthier. Today feels like it’s a Monday! I don’t know about you.

Oh my, and it’s really hot today!!! I can feel summer. Anyway, on to my next guest blog post! I would like to feature Janice, one of my friends I met through English class in Junior High. I just remember we used to hang out and there were times I went to their house after school. Here is a group photo with me and Janice on my left! I took this from our high school yearbook. That’s why it’s black and white. Haha 🙂

On to the questions…


1. Last thing I listened to:

2. Last thing I Ate:
Avocado with whipped cream

3. Last text I sent:
To my husband to pick up our son from school

4. Last thing I bought:
Floor mirror from Pier 1

5. Last person I talked to today:
My mentor who is interested in purchasing our current home!

Thank you so much Janice for being a friend and for being my featured guest blogger! Thank you also to those reading my blog! God bless. xx

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