A Happiness Manifesto.

Hello! Long time no post. Autumn is here and I’m thrilled about having the holidays coming up. God is good. So, I thought tonight while I’m awake since the lady at Sur La Table offered me an espresso I think it was, I realized I’m going to be staying up. I have decided to post about the three things that really makes me happy or what gives me joy. I also learned to prioritize, and this is in a particular order:

1. FAITH IN JESUS / PUTTING GOD FIRST – I know there’s so much going on around us lately. It’s crazy. Everywhere you turn around, it seems like something is going on. I just try to put God first, because everything is in His hands. I believe He hears our prayers!

2. FAMILY – I’m thankful for my family. Love them. I especially am delighted now that I’m an aunt! Ever since my nephew came, he brought so much joy in my heart. I know that he does too, with my family. He is a sweet and amazing young boy!

3. WORK – Whether it is helping STEM Church, my freelance as a graphic/web designer and my job at Ted Baker, I am really grateful for the opportunities. I enjoy them all and I just thank the Lord for them. I know it is through this outlet that I grow as an individual.

I’m just looking forward to the new chapter and as to what God has in store!

God bless all of us and may you have a wonderful rest of the week. xx

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