Tinted Design Sale! + Prayers


Tinted Design is offering 10% off on logos and flyers design until September 5th! : tinteddesign@gmail.com

Hi lovelies! First of all, I just want to bring up that for a moment I have been getting a hang of drinking La Croix! I mean c’mon, it’s just sparkling water yet taste like I’m drinking a refreshing can of soda! Until recently, I saw a video on Facebook saying how it isn’t really good for you because it will eventually ruin your teeth. So I have stopped craving it now. Safe to say I have avoided it and haven’t bought that since then.

Gosh, okay… so I spotted this Michael Kors clutch and I WANT IT! Do I really need it? Probably not. I would instead probably get a Ted Baker wallet on our next Sample Sale!

I just got back from the grocery and got the Cotton Candy Grapes. I’m going to taste if it really is like cotton candy, as they say! Anyway, my prayer goes out to Houston, TX. Especially to the families affected by the hurricane. God is bigger and greater. He is able to restore and rebuild. I also pray for those who need healing.

God bless us all and may we have a good week and let’s pray for those needing our prayers.

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