My Top 5 Favorite Ice Cream Shops!

Today’s topic for this blog post is all about ice cream. Yes! I can’t really have sweets anymore in the meantime. So I am in sweets widthrawal. I am not an ice cream aficionado, but now that I am refraining myself from sugar, I am realizing how much of a sweet tooth I actually am. There is a Museum of Ice Cream here in Los Angeles for those who do not know. I have not been there, but if I get a chance I will blog abut my experience. I also made an artwork painting of an ice cream, which I gifted to my cousin that you can view here. So anyway, here are my favorite ice cream shops. They are in a particular order:

1) Coldstone Creamery – I pretty much didn’t realize that Coldstone is my #1 favorite ice cream until I learned I can’t have sweets as I used to. I grew up having it and I prefer it than Baskin Robbins. I just love how you can get so many options and also that it is so creamy. Also, you can get Coldstone EVERYWHERE!

2) Ice Cream & Shop[pe] – My first time trying this cool ice cream shop when I went in a recent trip to Palm Springs! You have to try it. They have a selection of FREE toppings and I LOVE that they serve sugar free options and their sorbets are good!!!

3) Afters Ice Cream – With their unique flavors and creamy ice cream, this ice cream shop is definitely in my top 3! I want some right now.

4) Honeymee – This soft serve ice cream is wonderful because of it’s famous honey toppings and drizzle on milk ice cream. I would have this whether winter or summer!

5) Pinkberry – There are so many yogurt places, but Pinkberry for me remains as the original. It is also my Mom’s favorite!

I know I narrowed it down to just five places, as there are really many ice cream shops out there. A special mention to McDonald’s Mcflurry, because I am craving that so much too. Yum! Let’s not forget mochi ice creams, as well.

What’s your favorite ice cream? What flavor do you usually get?

Happy Friday and have a blessed weekend! xoxo

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