Staycation : Palm Springs

Happy Summer! Just came back from a mini getaway with my cousins to Palm Springs. My family used to go here, so I was excited to be back. There’s really much more to explore than when I came before. I have not seen downtown Palm Springs until this time around and it’s quite nice. It is full of restaurants and shops… you name it! We stayed at the Riviera Hotel and our check in was not until 4PM. So we decided to go around other places to explore and take pics. Here are some photos from our trip:

It was so hot over there, though as expected. At night, it was hot yet really breezy so it was nice. I think my favorite thing was when we went to the ice cream shop called ‘Ice Cream & Shoppe’. Not only do they have chocolate sorbet, they carry sugar free chocolate ice cream! I. HAD. TO. Good thing I have to go all the way to Palm Springs to get their ice cream. Otherwise, I’d be in serious big trouble.

I’m going to try to blog again soon. I will update about my travel essentials, probably. Wishing you a happy weekend! God bless! xo

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