Happy 2015!


Happy New Year! This is my first blog post this year of 2015. I am not looking back, but one thing I realized was that last year was actually an eventful year. Though it did not feel like it. I was browsing through old photos I have and it made me realize this. It wasn’t always easy last year, and that is why I overlooked the good things. Anyway, I am welcoming the new year now with much appreciation.


This new year, I spent it with my friend Diana. We had an amazing time waiting to ring the new year. We went to Downtown Long Beach where we had reservations and had a spectacular view of the fireworks display at the restaurant. So blessed to have a friend like her through these years!

Lastly, I am trying my best to become more of the person that God wants me to be. Despite how much I miss so many things, and I know it is a new ground for me.


Thank you so much for reading. God bless!

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