It’s June! Life updates.

This quote is fire. The time is now to work on things that will further yourself and think about what we can do for our church, for instance. Be ambitious. Yes, you have time. I have time. This pandemic gave me and you more time. Details matter.

Right now, I’m working on website design. I’ll be honest, it’s driving me bonkers trying to figure out stuff. So I’m slowly working on that and not spending my whole day on it. Nevertheless, I feel so productive. We also started using Google Keep, which is a very helpful tool! On other news…

Cooking is also FUN! I enjoyed making my Kare-Kare (Filipino stew in Peanut Butter), which is not pictured. Let me know what dishes you love cooking!

Lastly, Tinted Design is booking clients! If you got any graphic design work, send them my way! Please email:

Thank you for reading this blog post. Hope all is well and God bless!

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