Thankful Tuesday!

Hi lovelies! I just want to start off by saying what a great start of the week. Looking forward to this week. Thankful to Jesus for the joy! Blessed be His Name!

I have been taking care of my nephew. So last night, was hilarious. He recorded himself singing to Thomas & Friends song. The camera was up-close his face! You just have to see what I mean. Lol. Take my word for it. It’s funny.

// Blessed T-Shirt //

Also, I just remembered once again that I have neglected my design training! Lol. When will I not forget? It seems like I have talked about it on this blog for quite a few times already! Praying tomorrow is the day I start working on it. I really want to!!!

Okay, this is all for now. Hope you have a lovely week! God bless us, xoxo.

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