Happy Wednesday! + Currently

Hi lovelies! Happy Wednesday, y’all. Just wanted to share and encourage you today to continue to speak life and faith. God is good. He continues to out-give us!

So, something fun I like to write on this blog is “currently”.


Reading: Becoming A Woman of Worth Devotional by Karen Moore
Playing: Music on Spotify
Watching: None
Trying: None
Cooking: None
Eating: I had meatballs with brown rice
Drinking: Water
Calling: Last call was my Mom
Text: Last text was “Yeah, I’m really glad”
Pinning: Last pin was a wallpaper, “How He Loves” by David Crowder Band
Tweeting: Last tweet was a self promotion for Tinted Design!
Crafting: None
Scrapping: None
Doing: Writing on my blog
Going: To exchange some workout gear I bought later
Loving: Life!
Hating: I have pet-peeves…
Discovering: Self growth
Enjoying: The week! It’s a good week to have a good week.
Thinking: Not much
Feeling: Relaxed
Hoping: I lose weight. Seriously.
Listening: A playlist on Spotify
Celebrating: Small victories!
Smelling: None
Thanking: God for all His blessings and benefits
Considering: I’m not sure
Finishing: This blog post!
Starting: To go back into diet and exercise

Alright. Hope you enjoy the rest of the week! God bless. xx

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