Inspiration + Guest Blog Post!

Hi! I have been blogging more than usual! Yay. I want to present to you a new thing that I am introducing here on my blog, the guest blog posts. Here, I will randomly invite “guests” in no particular order to be featured! I’m excited.

I would like to introduce to you Angel or “Mangge” as well call her, a dear sister from STEM Church. Although I’ve only known her for such a short time, I really do appreciate her! Now, let’s get on with the interview:


1. Favorite quote: A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves a thousand moments of regrets. ❤

2. Dream job: To work in the field as a registered electrical engineer and to glorify God in the work that He will give me someday.

3. Favorite Songs:
*My Life is in Your Hands by Kirk Franklin
*Awesome God by Hillsong
*Every Praise by Hezekiah Walker
*Love Never Fails by Brandon Heath
*One Thing Remains by Jesus Culture
*God is by Holly Starr
*Jesus by Chris Tomlin
*Jesus at the Center by Israel Houghton
*Sapat na Higit pa by Musikatha
*Tapat Kailan pa man by Redeemed Band
*To Whom Shall I Go
*Sa Tamang Panahon by Ecclesiastes 31

4. What makes me feel better, always: Watching videos about arts and crafts (drawing/paitings/colorings), instruments, and animals makes me feel better 😍
Sleeping and eating too 😂

5. Three personality traits I am proud of:
1) I always want to serve as a strength to my friends, brethren and family.
2) I love to give to other people hangga’t kaya ko po. (until I can!)
3) I was taught to be submissive to those who have rule over me. 😊

Thank you so much Mangge for being my first featured guest blogger! And thanks to those reading this blog post! Have a blessed day or evening!

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