The blog is back!

The blog is back!

Yes, we are back. Thanks to Bro. Ding-Dong who brought it up to revive this blog. So let’s try this once again! There is no doubt that there are lots of exciting things in store for our church and SYSTEM.

I haven’t worked on this thing in years to be honest, and so please bear with me. Make this your own, fellow SYSTEM brothers & sisters. This blog is for you and everyone out there!

My current wallpaper | SYSTEM Blog

On a cool side, I would like to share a great website resource for Christian wallpapers at Wallpapers Avenue. I really like their inspiring designs. As you can see on the pic above, mine has “Love Faith Hope”. I love it! You can use them for your desktop or cellphone. And it’s free. Check them out!

Spread the GOOD NEWS, indeed!

God bless.

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