How it all started

How it all started

Dahil ngayon lang tayo nagkaroon ng formal blogsite, let me do the honor of telling people how we started.

Nothing dramatic, really. Just that thought na, “Hmm..siguro maganda kung gumawa tayo ng official na samahan ng youth”. Believe it or not, hindi naman talaga kami ganun kadami. But all of us wanted to belong somehow. We wanted to have a place where we can start finding our ministries, our specific place in the church. So there, a group of young people who wanted to serve God in their own little ways was born. And the rest, like they always say, was history.

Our very first activity as a group was a team building that was at Club Serene, Antipolo way back May 2005. Wow! That was three years ago but the memory still lingers in my mind as if it was just yesterday. Or maybe ayoko lang aminin na matanda na ako. Haha.

Next time na magpopost ng pictures. Naman. Ngayon lang ako nag-word press eh. Complicated mag upload ng picture. Hehe. SOS kay Iris!

Till next post!


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