Long time, no post!

Hi everyone! So I have been on hiatus here on my blog. Just decided today that I wanted to write a bit. I’m eating lunch as I write, some brown rice and langka with puso ng saging with gata (if you’re Filipino, you probably know this dish). Anyway, it really has been a while! Thankful today because God has been good.

Oh my goodness, found a shampoo that goes well with my hair! That is really why I came to post. Just wanted to share my new shampoo now: Pacifica’s Rose Water Sleek & Shiny Shampoo. It is perfect!

I also am really into Soap & Glory products! I’m obsessed with their hand cream, body wash, face wash and my Mom I got her to use it also. She’s using the body butter and foot cream (both I still yet to try!)

Not only that, I’m really into face masks right now. Call it self-care, but I’m really into it. Also, I’m probably going to be attending some events. If not, going to be doing this e-course that I feel like I need to do. It will be beneficial for Tinted Design.

I have also re-opened my Etsy Shop. Check it out! Pass it along if you want. I’ll greatly appreciate it. I have also been making art some days. It is calligraphy art called the Faith Journaling for the Inspired Artist. My mom got it at Michael’s. I have been using watercolors for it. Watercolors are not my thing, but I am starting to learn and enjoy it.

I don’t think I’ve really ever tried to use watercolors as a medium to work on art, so I’m learning. What else? There are a lot more to say, but I’ll keep this short. Hope you have a blessed week!

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