Jesus, My Restorer!

I feel really good today! Just this past week, I was feeling under the weather. Thank God for healing me! I did not want to be sick during the concert that I went to! I went to The Hope Encounter Tour by Danny Gokey with Tauren Wells and Riley Clemmons. It was a great night. I really enjoyed the worship and had a great time! Thank you to my friend who went with me. Glad she enjoyed it as well.

Thankful also for the encouragement I get from people. Sometimes I’ll be honest, but I need a boost. Don’t we all? Thank you for brothers and sisters who genuinely care. So my question is: What are your struggles, if any? As a woman, I know I’m a work in progress. This quote above says, “Act like the person that you want to become.” Whatever you and I have as goals that we may want to achieve, it is possible! When we open our eyes, see and believe in what God can do! We don’t lean on our own understanding, but see His promises!

So one last thing, I tried Kombucha for the first time. I’m not sure that I like it! Haha.

Alright, I hope you have a lovely rest of the week! Blessings, xoxo.

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