I Absolutely Love…

One of the things I absolutely love and enjoy is calligraphy. In fact, it’s still my desire to attend a calligraphy workshop, even though I am an artist and have hand-lettering experience. I think my dream of that may come true tomorrow!!! YEAH. I am currently looking at this workshop to be held tomorrow.

I am so excited just thinking about it. Lots of exciting things going on, eh. I am so thankful to God. He never fails me. I will definitely update if I do end up attending.

I have been doing these design challenges for three weeks now! It’s so helpful. So far these design exercises are helping me get with the design inspiration I need to get flowing, especially with church design and graphics.

Also, I am working on my Christmas Newsletter for my clients that I would like to send out on my mailing list for December. I know, Christmas… already? I even started listening to Christmas songs/music just to get in the mood. If you want to be added on my mailing list, please send me your email address! Alright. That’s all for now. Have a blessed day or evening!

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