3 Days of Prayer & Fasting

Posted on: January 9, 2020, by :

Hi brethren! 2020 is here and we as a church would want to start strong by having a 3 Days of Prayer and Fasting. We have provided tools for each brethren that will serve as a guide. It will be held on January 22nd through 24th from 8PM to 9PM. Please watch out for the LIVE streaming on those dates on our Facebook Page.

“We want 2020 the year of harvest and great blessings.

We encourage everyone to be one in us in consecration in the beginning of this wonderful year!

We will be devoting ourselves in prayer and fasting in the presence of the Lord in the following schedules and venue” -Pastor Bing Ocampo

Please read this booklet and you may download it HERE on the website and blog or on our Facebook Page.

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